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John Huether

President | Senior Project Manager

John has been a resident of Lee County since 1983 and founded Gulfpoint Construction in 1985 and has worked on numerous projects worth over $80 million.


John moved to Fort Myers in 1983 with his family to build his career and business.  Prior to moving to Florida, John gained his extensive construction experience and knowledge working under his father’s company for over ten years.


A self-motivated construction entrepreneur, John is a true leader and team player in all operations for Gulfpoint Construction.  He is well organized and always thinking ahead and planning for success. John has a unique creation for his construction management process which has proven successful with all Gulfpoint’s clients.


He is very passionate, and his hobbies are fishing and hockey.  Activities from which he has taken valuable lessons. Fishing has enabled him to expertly handle both hectic and calm environments, understand the value of an organization, forethought, and the fact that success does not come easy.  As a hockey player, he knows how to operate as a team player to achieve goals and deal with surprises and obstacles in the field.


John is not just a leader in the company but also with the community.  John has served as head of fundraising foundations including FGCU Foundation for the Construction Management Program preparing graduates to achieve their Bachelor of Science in Construction Management.   

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“To me, business isn’t about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders.  It’s about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials!” 


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