Due to Hurricane Irma, the roofing labor forces required to complete this project were in high demand. 
When it comes to re-roofing it can’t be done exclusively on the drafting table. It has to be defined in the field. Creating a consistent, directionally-controlled roof slope to eliminate ponding also requires working around rooftop mechanical units, skylights, and other protrusions using a customizable material that matches the environmental condition is extremely important. 
Project Size: 110,000 sqft. | Start Date: 10.2017 | Completion Date: 04.2018


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Starting with the Owner’s requirements we started with the long lead items needed to complete this project. 
In this case, we had several long lead items that could affect scheduling.  Some of those items were our HVAC units, acid-resistant piping, and structural steel.  Once we had the delivery times for these items we were able to schedule our work that needed to be completed before they arrived.  Our subcontractor's input is taken into account when we develop our schedules.  We updated our schedules on this project more than once a week.  Each trade is given a written schedule showing them where they need to be each day of that week.
Project Size: 220,000 sqft. | Start Date: 07.2007 | Completion Date: 07.2008