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At Gulfpoint Construction, safety is a number one priority. Having specialized in educational facilities, and operating on numerous projects that were occupied, we place heavy importance on keeping our job site secure and safe.

Our team members view safety as a central component to successfully delivering a completed project of the highest quality.  All of our staff are equipped with access to training materials relating to CPR/First Aid, Electrical Safety, Fall Protection, and OSHA Competency.  Employee background screenings require fingerprinting to allow for our personnel to be badged and in full compliance with the Jessica Lunsford Act while on Lee County School District and government projects.  Our project team will perform a thorough review of site-specific safety concerns prior to stepping foot in a work zone.  

Gulfpoint goes above and beyond expectations to enforce our safety program and our track record is excellent.  We take every precaution when it comes to protecting the well being of our people and our trade partners as well as potential occupants on and around our job site and thus have never in our 35 year history had any litigation brought against us for a safety related incident. 


Finally, to adhere to our own quality control standards, we invite a third party consultant to visit our job site and offer critique on the systems we have in place and offer solutions for bettering our program.  We also conduct an overall review on an annual basis with the assistance of safety consultant firms to ensure we remain in full compliance with the ever changing regulations regarding work zone safety.

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