This project consisted of the construction of a Bus Barn and Parking Lot including Site Work. 


Gulfpoint’s focal point of this project was to preserve the environmental area.  To do this we had to establish a Gopher Tortoise safety and protection zone.  After the preservation of the environmental area, the construction for an additional turn lane to the entrance of the Bus Barn off Six Mile Cypress Parkway was completed.  The final construction was to clear, fill, and asphalt the entire bus parking area.

Project Size: 80,000 sqft. | Start Date: 12.2007 | Completion Date: 10.2008


Completion Date: 06.2018

The construction of an entrance and traffic signal off Imperial Road Bonita Springs High School.  To start this project, was the removal and construction of a median strip to enable northbound traffic entrance to Bonita Springs High School.  Next, was to add a northbound turn lane.  Gulfpoint then removed the existing sidewalks, streetlights, landscape, and drainage for the southbound traffic.  New sidewalks were then constructed.  A 16’ wide by 40’ wide box culvert was installed at the entrance.  The construction of a U-Turn lane was approved and installed in the southbound lanes.  The final process was the installation of a new traffic signal and pedestrian signals to complete the Traffic Signal roadwork on Imperial Parkway.

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Completion Date: 06.2018

The eastbound and westbound turn lanes were added to Shangri-La Road.  Soon after, the sidewalks along Shangri-La Road were removed and new sidewalks were constructed.  During this process, Gulfpoint built two-lane entrances into Bonita Springs High School along with the improvement of median strips in the eastbound lanes.  In addition to these improvements was the relocation of streetlights to a new location on Shangri-La Road.

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