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Updated: Jun 21, 2022


Often overlooked, construction remains one of the deadliest occupations, with over 1,000 deaths annually. Yet the good news is by using Innovative cloud solutions, such as building information models we will increase resource and safety visibility enhancements to virtually track and optimize resources and equipment (and potentially improve job site safety).

This is a demo to show how the construction sign at Veterans Park Academy for the Arts links viewers to the job site images.

The implementation of data analytics can also help project managers detect patterns to determine when and where most accidents occur and which variables play a factor in those accidents. This will enable contractors and project managers to prioritize certain tasks at certain times to avoid unsafe conditions and common issues that lead to accidents, which will increase the safety of their site.

In addition, using all computer and cloud-based technologies will emphasize collaboration and allows for instantaneous views of project logistics. Indeed, using the data from manufacturers is what we have armed our company with.

Gulfpoint uses different software based on each project's demands, such as Procore, Drone Deploy, or QR codes for sharing day-by-day site images.

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