Joseph Jamison

Project Coordinator | Estimating, Budgeting & Scheduling

Joe joined the team of Gulfpoint Construction in 2019.  

As a project coordinator, Joe excels at communication.  Working alongside our project managers/project superintendents, Joe is responsible for overseeing specific stages of each project.


He tracks each applicable stage throughout its lifecycle and makes sure that critical information is shared among Gulfpoint’s team members.  He is proficient at multitasking under pressure, which makes him a great fit at Gulfpoint. This skill set allows Joe to stay on top of multiple tasks and ensures high-quality results. 


Joe is always available to meet the needs of our clients and subcontractors.  Outside the office, Joe is a dedicated family man.  From the beach to baseball tournaments, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.  

Joe BC.png



“True success is not a project but a journey.”