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The Bonita Springs High School Medical Academy consisting of approximately 400 sqft. provides opportunities for tomorrow's leaders and healthcare by emphasizing education research and service.


The facility designed with hospital beds, human manikin for medical pieces of training, similar healthcare systems to help future healthcare professionals educated.

Glass windows let passersby peer into the health professionals academy.



Our focus was centered on building a facility that provided a positive experience. We aimed to build an environment that was safe.

Vet Clinic - Prep Area 01.22.2019

A completed renovation and modernize of kitchen and cafeteria. 

In an effort to modernize and maximize the existing space Gulfpoint did a complete kitchen/cafeteria renovation that featured new electronic menu boards, accent lighting, new pass-throughs, a pizza oven, new serving lines, Corian countertops, new flooring, and paint.  

Project Size: 7,000 sqft. | Start Date: 03.2017| Completion Date: 08.2017


For this project, we extended the kitchen to receive new serving lines.


The wall between the kitchen and cafeteria needed to be removed.  Frame a new wall and moved all A|C above the ceiling in this area.  The new wall had 3 new roll-up doors for serving lines.  Kitchen plumbing needed to be relocated.  New electric was added and added a hood for the new equipment.  Floors were removed in half of the kitchen and replaced with a new quarry tile.  Cafeteria booths were removed and some other walls.  A|C in the cafeteria was reworked to get more air in the cafeteria.  Removed and replaced the cooler|freezer.  We increased the size of both units.  All work was completed over the summer break.

Project Size: 6,800 sqft. | Start Date: 06.2013 | Completion Date: 11.2013

A completed renovation and expansion of both the kitchen and cafeteria took place.


The kitchen was expanded from both outside and inside.  We removed the hallway wall that ran down the side of the cafeteria and kitchen and relocated the hallway by taking square footage out of oversized rooms that ran in conjunction with the hallway.  We added columns and steel beams in several locations.  The kitchen was demolished and rebuilt with 7 new serving lines.  Plumbing, electric, HVAC, and new gas lines were installed.  New flooring, ceilings, soffits, tile floor, and walls were installed.  This kitchen/cafeteria became the model for their prototype high schools. 

Project Size: 26,000 sqft. | Start Date: 12.2003 | Completion Date: 10.2004



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"Gulfpoint Construction is currently engaged as a Construction Manager at Risk for the Bonita Springs High School project.

Throughout the design and construction phases of the project, Gulfpoint has provided exceptional Value Engineering efforts aiding the design team, and the District in reducing project costs while maintaining project program needs.

They continue to maintain a multi-phase project delivery schedule in spite of numerous project design changes required to reduce project costs. Without question, Gulfpoint was the leader in this effort. It is my firm belief that future clients of Gylfpoint Construction will benefit from Gulfpoints "hands-on" Construction management techniques, which reduce both project duration, and costs."



Senior Program Manager, Construction 

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