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The owner had specific requirements when it came to the seating and lighting on this project, but they also had a budget. 

We researched all seating with the lighting that was needed in the seats.  Once that was completed, implementing this into the design became simpler.  Reviewing the documents with subcontractors prior to bid helped this project from going over budget.  We offered several items we felt could save money and still maintain the quality that was desired.  This project had only an owner requested change order, due to the fact that we saved money with our value engineering.

Project Size: 30,000 sqft. | Start Date: 05.2013 | Completion Date: 11.2013


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“I am happy to provide this reference for Gulfpoint Construction for services to Florida SouthWestern State College. They have provided Construction Management services on major projects over the last several years including Building S,L,K, and the Barbara B Mann Hall seat replacement and renovation projects.

They also provided excellent services on many minor renovation and repairs on FSW's campuses. We appreciate their efforts and would certainly recommend them for additional projects."



Director, Facilities Planning and Development, FSW

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