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Darlene Huether

Corporate Secretary | Director of Operations

Darlene has been a resident of Lee County since 1983 and founded Gulfpoint in 1985.

Darlene moved to Fort Myers in 1983 with her husband and family to build her career and business.  She has a God-given energizing leadership style which has been crucial to the growth and success of the construction administrative experience since the establishment of Gulfpoint Construction.  


Her unique and extremely positive attitude energizes the entire office.  People love working with her because they can sense that she cares about them.  She believes that when you make people feel good about themselves, they go on to accomplish more on their own, and these are the skills that she learned when she became a mom at a young age.  An incredibly athletic and active person, Darlene has a history of having completed over 80 successful construction projects over thirty-five years.  Nothing can compare to her presence in the office as a person, a coordinator, a mom, and an office administrator.  

01-Darlene website photo.jpg
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“I love being surrounded by amazing people each and every day  Gulfpoint, Family, Staff, Clients and Community, EXCELLENT at its best!”


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