In late 2020, Gulfpoint teamed with Knott Realty on the buildout of the new Red Bull Distribution Company’s 23,000 sf facility. 


From the very beginning we knew that a fast-track schedule would be necessary due to leasing agreement. From permit issuance to certificate of occupancy, construction lasted a total of 60 days.

Project Size: 23,000 sqft. | Start Date: 12.2020 | Completion Date: 02.2021



This is a Construction of multiple warehouse facilities. We introduced a slant anchor system to be used at the panel to footer connection. $20,000 in savings.  


Factors that influenced delivery schedule: Owner established dates based on move in dates for tenants. 

Project Size: Bldg 1: 44,600 sqft. | Bldg 2: 56,000 sqft.| Bldg 3: 56,000 sqft.
Start Date: 02.2020 | Completion Date: 03.2021