In late 2020, Gulfpoint teamed with Knott Realty on the buildout of the new Red Bull Distribution Company’s 23,000 sf facility. 


From the very beginning we knew that a fast-track schedule would be necessary due to leasing agreement. From permit issuance to certificate of occupancy, construction lasted a total of 60 days.

Project Size: 23,000 sqft. | Start Date: 12.2020 | Completion Date: 02.2021



This is a Construction of multiple warehouse facilities. We introduced a slant anchor system to be used at the panel to footer connection. $20,000 in savings.  


Factors that influenced delivery schedule: Owner established dates based on move in dates for tenants. 

Project Size: Bldg 1: 44,600 sqft. | Bldg 2: 56,000 sqft.| Bldg 3: 56,000 sqft.
Start Date: 02.2020 | Completion Date: 03.2021



When MT Brands decided to expand their manufacturing operation in Cape Coral, FL they reached out to the Gulfpoint team to renovate two 30,000 sf warehouse buildings.


The overall project will consist of two separate phases in each building; the first being new office space build outs in each and the second being the manufacturing and distribution portions of their operation.

Project Size: 61,000 sqft. | Start Date: 04.2011| Completion Date: Active