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Bubba Huether

Vice President | Project Manager | Project Superintendent

Bubba moved to Fort Myers in 1983 and has been a part of Gulfpoint Construction for over nineteen years. Since joining Gulfpoint, Bubba has proven his abilities as a project manager/project superintendent to deliver projects to clients on schedule, on budget and with extraordinary quality.  


His immeasurable experience and understanding of construction go hand in hand when it comes to the completion of numerous multi-million-dollar projects, including a 200,000 square foot high school in Bonita Springs and now constructing a 150,000 square foot multi-use warehouse complex. From the animals he owns, his trusty dog Steeler, to his prize pig Connors, to the outdoors he hunts in;Bubba is one with nature.  


His love of the outdoors perfectly aligns with his hands-on project management style.  You will always find Bubba in the field lending a hand.  As a construction manager and superintendent, those qualities make him very successful, always wanting to take care of nature and to keep the job site environmentally friendly  He is focused on his project and never misses an opportunity to take fascinating photos and drone videos. Bubba makes sure the progress of construction runs smoothly and on schedule. 

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“Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character and most noble of a man.”  

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