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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

June update: Projects, Events, Innovative Construction Ideas, Fill to Win, Hurricane Season Tips

Veterans Park Academy for Arts

Complete Renovation | Elementary School

Full renovation in less than 7 months! The first of many phases at the Veterans Park Academy of the Arts campus was a complete renovation of the existing Lehigh Acres Middle School building. At the time of the original construction, a fire sprinkler system was not provided. During the renovation, the building was retrofitted with a fire suppression system, a fire pump room, and enhanced underground utilities. The exterior upgrades included a refreshed student courtyard, reskinning of the exterior metal panel system, as well as new paving, grading, and sidewalks. The interior upgrades focused on life safety, single-point entry, refinishing or replacement of all surfaces, and remodeling of partitions and fixture layouts that emphasize updated technologies and arrangements.

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